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Hand-made Tortillas

The tortilla can make or break your taco. The filling’s important, of course, but if your tortilla sucks, your whole taco sucks. At truk’t, we know how big of a deal corn tortillas are, so we make ours by hand, just like Grandma.

And because we know how crucial a good tortilla is, we only get the finest ingredients. We searched high and low for the best masa (corn flour) and found it in Chicago from El Milagro Tortillas. It’s the key ingredient to our taco vessels.

So, how do we do make our famous corn tortillas? It’s simple.

We mix equal parts masa and water, then add salt and oil before putting the dough in the mixer and mixing until it’s a soft, sticky consistency. You want the dough to be sticky, but not so sticky that you can’t get it off your hands. When you pull the dough from your hand, it shouldn’t leave any behind.

"The filling’s important, of course, but if your tortilla sucks, your whole taco sucks."

After the dough’s prepared, we run it through our tortilla press. It flattens the dough until it’s the right consistency, then we turn on the cutting function to make perfectly round tortillas. As soon as they come off the press, we place the tortillas on our flat top grill. Once they bubble and can move freely on the grill, we know it’s time to flip.

See? Easy.

This is how most people make tortillas today, but there are other more labor-intensive processes that include grinding corn by hand to turn it into masa. No, thank you.

So, we don’t make our tortillas exactly like Grandma did, but they taste just as fresh. Especially when you add Chicken Tinga, Peking Duck or any of our other kickass taco fixings on top.


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