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All Good Things Come in Threes: Taco Trios

What’s the saying? “Good things come in threes”?

It’s true. Look at The Three Stooges, the Sanderson Sisters (from the cinematic Halloween classic Hocus Pocus), the Three Blind Mice... and, of course, truk’t tacos.

You can mix and match any three tacos for $15, so you can have all of your favorites or try something out of the box. We came up with four trios plus a cocktail pairing because you can’t have a taco tasting without a little booze. Well, you can, but it’s more fun this way.

For the seafood lover:

  • Surf & Turf

  • Baja Fish

  • Shrimp Curry

Paired with: truk’t Sangria

For the adventurer:

  • Charred Brussels

  • Korean BBQ

  • Shrimp Curry

Paired with: Mezcaloma

For the meat lover:

  • Short Rib

  • American BBQ

  • Pork Al Pastor

Paired with: The Prospector

For the OGs:

  • Chicken Tinga

  • Pork al Pastor

  • Short Rib

Paired with: truk't Margarita

(Three signature tacos and a cocktail we’ve had since the very beginning)

While we’re talking trios, we can’t forget about the Holy Trio: Smoky Morita Salsa, Verde Salsa and Queso. Start with our house-made salsas and queso served with fresh fried tortilla chips. We already have a theme of threes going so you won’t regret it.

Can’t have just three tacos? We get it. Good things come in fours, too. And fives. And sixes.


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