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Fresh, Quality Ingredients.

The best tacos in the world are often found out on the street. Taco trucks have become insanely popular over the last several decades and for very good reason. From L.A. to NYC you can find some of the best food in almost every city right at a curb. Walk right off the street through our garage doors and you’ll experience that same unreal gourmet street taco right here in downtown Beloit, Wisconsin.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit truk’t is that everything we do is probably a little different. Whether it’s our mixed and matched chairs, off-center chandeliers, or our rugged wood floor, things around here are done a different way and that’s the way we like it. We call it properly unproper.

Our goal is to showcase unique, worldly flavors and push the customer to try things outside of his or her comfort zone. In order to accomplish this, we make it a priority to source the absolute best ingredients possible.

We receive fresh produce shipments daily right through our side door and into our kitchen. Fresh avocados, habanero peppers, jicama and watermelon radish are all staple shipments that allow us to create dishes like our house-made guacamole and smoky morita salsa. These dishes simply wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t use the freshest ingredients we could get our hands on.

Fresh produce is even better when you pair it with quality meat.

Have you tried our short rib taco? All of our beef and pork, including skirt steak, short rib and pork butt come sourced from Buckhead Beef. Buckhead is an industry-leading meat provider and provides some of the best cuts of meat you could possibly find. Buckethead Beef was established in 1983 with a handful of devoted employees and a very simple operating philosophy: to provide the finest quality products. We whole-heartedly believe you can taste the difference in the meat and it is worth every penny to share that with the customer.

Once we get our product in house, we make sure it is treated with the utmost attention. We roast whole chickens every day in house to utilize in our taco concepts. Our pork butt is braised and shredded by hand to create our succulent pork al pastor taco. The proof is in the pudding when you sit down and take your first bite.

Whether it’s roasting our tomatoes and peppers that make up our smoky morita salsa or creating each individual corn tortilla by hand, fresh and quality ingredients is what truly sets us apart and allows us to showcase worldly flavors. Your dining experience at truk’t probably won’t be the most traditional, but we can bet it will be memorable.


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