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4 Properly Unproper Ways to Drink Tequila

It’s no secret we love tequila around here. It’s in our name and most likely in our blood. We love it so much we have just about any kind you’re looking for. Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Mezcal? Yep, we’ve got about fifty different kinds of tequila behind our bar.

If you think you’re not a tequila fan, think again. We’ll mix up a drink that will blow your mind. Here are four properly unproper ways to drink tequila:


Nothing wrong with a classic margarita and we didn’t name ours after ourselves for nothin’. We hand shake our truk’t Margarita with Corazon Blanco Tequila, Gran Gala, lime and sea salt. Up the ante and make it a pitcher; you’re probably going to want more than one. And if you want more than two, we won’t judge!


If you want to spice it up a bit try one of our cocktails made with tequila. Try the Mezcaloma for a smoky, refreshing drink made with smoky Cruz de Fuego Espadin Mezcal, grapefruit liqueur, fresh grapefruit, lime and soda. If you’re looking for something on the sweeter side, sip on a truk’t Sangria. It’s made with sauvignon blanc, Corralejo Reposado Tequila, passion fruit liqueur, melon, lemon and soda. What better way to quench your thirst?


When the weather is hot and our garage doors are open there’s nothing better to cool you off than a nice margarita. What could be better than that you ask? How about taking that margarita and turning it into a popsicle? Yeah, we did that. Try rotating flavors like horchata, key lime pie, coconut peach chamomile or peach piña colada. You can thank us later.

Take a shot!

If you like it straight up, grab the salt and a lime and tip it on back. Can’t decide on just one? No worries, we’ve curated a tequila flight list so you can try out different trios of tequila until you find the one you’re obsessed with.

We love tequila and we’re damn good at drinking it and serving it. Come try out one of our tequila drinks the next time you visit. We’ll have a seat waiting for you at the bar.


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