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WTF is the W.T.F.???

You may think you know what W.T.F. stands for but at truk’t, we’ve got our own definition. It’s our weekly truk’t feature and it can be a little properly unproper, but that’s what makes it so epic.

The W.T.F. can be anything from a taco to a rice bowl or even a tequila or whiskey drink (if it’s been one of those weeks). You never know what it’s going to be, but you know it will be bold, worldly and only available that week.

Support your favorite weekly truk’t feature and it might become a menu item (*hint: this happened with the tres leches corn cake).

Big fan of W.T.F.? Wear it on your sleeve…literally. Our new W.T.F. t-shirts or sweatshirts are all the rage. You’ll be the best dressed wherever you go, promise.

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